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I have to write blog posts for my honors thesis on the school’s blog, and for September, I wrote a deeply emotional, all my peers are great post and I have zero regrets.

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My Jewish Feminism: A Memoir →

I really enjoyed reading this. I don’t know much about the author, but I deeply agreed with many of her points.

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Red pandas, being adorable. Like they do.

  1. untitled, by Slavomir M.
  2. Red Panda, by Curt
  3. Yawning Red Panda, by Robert Mooney
  4. Red Panda ;, by Art G.
  5. unknown
  6. Red Panda in a Tree Y A W N I N G!, by Neil McIntosh
  7. Fight for Your Life, by darkcalypso
  8. Red Panda, by Jamie Cuthill

Yes, I ABSOLUTELY needed to see these. 

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Here’s the gender section of the posters my GSA will be putting up around the school!

These posters are by no means exhaustive and I only put the bare basics of each gender on the poster. If there’s a glaring error in a definition or something please tell me so I can fix it before we put these up in real life!


Intersex is NOT a gender identity. Intergender IS a gender identity. Do a little research thx - mod h

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15 questions white people will never have to ask themselves

Many white people may never truly understand why incidents like the Michael Brown shooting infuriate blacks and other people of color — even when it’s clear that race plays a large, looming role in how the situation snowballed to the 18-year-old’s death.

This is in part because white people can move through daily life without constantly thinking about how their race will be perceived. Part of having white privilege is the freedom from worrying about racism, a freedom their black counterparts have never known. But it gives black people a unique yet challenging perspective by which they navigate the world. 

African-American scholar W.E.B. DuBois called this “double consciousness,” Follow micdotcom

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Capitalist Anti-Semites NEVER let us forget Marx and Trotsky were Jews.

Communist Anti-Semites NEVER let us forget that Alan Greenspan is a Jew. 

They divorce the Jews they like from their Jewishness while emphasizing the Jewishness of those they dislike. Both the Right and the Left are loaded with anti-semites. They agree that we’re trying to destroy the world with evil economic theories, they just disagree about which of us to blame.

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Meet Badger the Leonberger!


Meet Badger the Leonberger!

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DSD is a sack of shit


Fuck anyone or any organization that supports the use of the term “DSD” (disorders of sex development) to describe intersex people. You are erasing the identity of intersex people in attempts to; deradicalize, liberalize, pathologize, stigmatize and intervene with intersex bodies. Don’t try to candy coat it by pretending to change it to “differences of sex development” because it still smells like a sack of shit to me. Looking at you inter-actyouth and ISNA 

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Steve Rogers vs Chris Evans - The Winter Soldier Gag Reel (x)

I’m so happy someone made this thing which needed to be made.

no I’m serious this makes it so hard to watch the movie with a straight face because all I can see is meatball

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Yay! Turns out I have enough time to rejoin the Tortall readathon, which is exciting because the later books are my favorites. I’m already most of the way through this beauty and I’m so happy 😍


Yay! Turns out I have enough time to rejoin the Tortall readathon, which is exciting because the later books are my favorites. I’m already most of the way through this beauty and I’m so happy 😍

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What does casual racism look like in LGBTQ spaces? A lot like casual racism everywhere else.

Casual racism thinks mixed race people are “exotic,” penis size is determined by race according to “some studies” that probably don’t exist, black women are aggressive, and just about every other common racial stereotype under the sun.

Really, stereotypes fuel casual racism in all its forms.

Casual racism also thinks that LGBTQ people have transcended all responsibility for dealing with racial issues.

For example, if you’re a queer person of color who wants to vocalize a racial concern in a predominantly white queer space and casual racism rears its head, you could be accused of being divisive (extra irony points if you were pointing out divisiveness that actually exists).

Sometimes casual racism masquerades as inclusion or open mindedness. For example, there are some gay people who go out of their way to date someone of another race just to say they’ve done it.

Such gays then receive the Congratulatory Cookie of Open Mindedness from people of color for letting us sleep with them.
But not really, because dating someone because of their race is as ridiculous as rejecting someone because of their race.

The same applies to predominately white gay groups that go out of their way to snag token people of color (oblivious to the fact that these spaces don’t always feel inclusive to the people of color in question).

Tokenism may seem progressive on its surface, but it’s really just another form of othering.

So if you see casual racism, remember it. And talk about it.
Notice if you’re ever guilty of it and, if you are, take responsibility for it.

I would say explain it to other white LGBTQ people, but it’s frustrating when it takes a white person saying the same thing people of color have been saying for ages to convince other white people to change their actions.

Instead, tell them to take the race related concerns of LGBTQ people of color seriously – as in listen to us.

As LGBTQ people, we get silenced all the time, told we’re too sensitive, told not to flaunt our sexuality.

Sexual minorities of color can find themselves silenced further when their concerns about race are dismissed by the predominantly white, mainstream LGBTQ community.

Let’s keep working to change that.

— Jarune Uwujaren, “How White LGBTQ People Can Be Inclusive Of People Of Color,” Everyday Feminism 2/5/13  (via collectivecadaver)

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Illustrator Lili Chin's adorable series Dogs of the World illustrates 192 breeds of dogs grouped according to geographical origin.

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What are Sephardic Rosh Hashana customs? →

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A moment of love for the fabulous Nicholas Rose (nickr0se) who is training back in the good old USA!!! <3 
(photos not mine!)